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Chelsea Lynn Winter
chelsea lynn winter

Chelsea is passionate about a variety of fields pertaining to art and design. Despite her age, she has over a decade of experience and is certified in several programs. Her aptitude and skill set exceeds expectation, allowing her to consistently meet deadlines and follow current design and marketing trends. 

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founder & owner
shanna burr

Shanna's levelheaded nature creates an atmosphere that all her co-workers and clients enjoy. She upholds every project and order to the highest standard. Her quality and timeliness are continually dependable and reliable. Shanna's plethora of experiences are an essential asset to Wintermedia's team.

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director of operations
megan lieberman

Megan is a self-starter and is enthusiastic to learning anything and everything about art, media, and design. She has been drawing since she could hold a pencil and has always had eyes for a career in illustration. Undeterred by her autism and age, Megan continuously adapts and educates herself in all things related to art.

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graphic artist
krystal beck

Krystal is a hard worker and is dependable in all facets of life. Her upbeat attitude brings a great atmosphere to every job and project. Krystal excels in analyzing and adjusting work procedures for maximum efficiency. She develops successful administrative strategies and is an integral part of Wintermedia.

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production manager
vanda lieberman

Vanda's individuality and originality are authentic and unique. Her artistic style and personality differ from her identical twin, Megan. However, even though she is also autistic and disabled, Vanda yields great value and is assertive in what is right. She also advocates for animals and humanitarianism. 

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production assistant
allison weatherly

Allison is a free spirited coffee addict, video game nerd, Disney obsessed, and beagle mom. Her attention to detail makes her an expert at finding Waldo, but also at helping the Wintermedia team with any of their writing or editing needs.

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copy editor
denise batham

Denise is a driven and fast-paced worker. She desires to do the best she can even while learning something new. Her positive attitude and open personality makes her easy and enjoyable to work with. Denise makes Wintermedia a brighter place.

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graphic artist
joann "joey" courtney

JoAnn, also known as "Joey," is energetic, diligent, and passionate. Photography "fills [her] soul" and brings complete happiness in her life. Thus, she takes immense care with every event and project she works on. Joey always enjoys a challenge and aims to improve her skills every day. She is a vital part of Wintermedia.

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event photographer
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